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Welcome to The Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to "The Chamber", Three Rivers web presence sponsored by the Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce, AKA "The Chamber"

Three Rivers is a town rich in history dating back to 1829 when a new textile mill moved into town and established the Three Rivers Manufacturing Co. This town has always been proud and supportive of its businesses. The first chamber was organized in 1917. The members played an important role in developing new businesses in the area and even bought stock to support a local company in 1939. As more businesses turned to the chamber for support, the chamber decided to incorporate and become official in 1940. The original members of the chamber stated that the purpose of the chamber was "To establish a body of recognized authority to deal with matters of interest to the businessmen of Three River and to the general public; to forward the prosperity of the community; and to promote the the general welfare of the village." Today, members strive to fulfill the goals set by the original members of the Chamber by fund raising and using the funds to beautify the community as well as support the businesses we frequent everyday in our village.



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