Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find out more about Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park?
A: Visit:

Q: Can I purchase an entry pass in advance?
A: Yes, visit or

Q: Is Sequoia National Park at the North or South Entrance?
A: The entrance to Sequoia is on the South side of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, through Three Rivers.

Q: Which pass do I need to enter the Park?
A: There are a variety of pass options but the most common one is $35 per car which gets you into Sequoia & Kings Canyon for 7 days. You can use the far-right lane to re-enter once you have purchased your pass. Have your photo ID and payment method ready when you get to the gate. 

Other pass options include:
– One year pass to all National Parks- $80
– One year pass to Sequoia & Kings Canyon only- $70
– Currently Active Military, 4th grade students, Senior Citizens (62+), and Disabled Citizens all can obtain FREE Park entrance passes when they present some special paperwork. Find the details HERE. 

Q: How do I get to Mineral King?
A: About two miles past the town of Three Rivers, on Highway 198, you’ll see the exit for Mineral King. Plan to take 60 minutes to drive 25 miles to Mineral King. Check road conditions here:

Q: Is Mineral King open year-round?
A: No, the road is not open year-round. Check Road Conditions:

Q: Is food available in Mineral King?
A: Yes, food is available in Silver City, near Mineral King but check hours of service:

Q: Is food available in Sequoia?
A: Yes. Restaurants in the Parks:

Q: Can I camp in Sequoia and Kings Canyon?
A: Yes. Reservations are required:

Q: Is gas available in the park?
A: No. Gas is not available in the park.

Q: When will I see the big trees?
A: Follow the road into the park for about 45 minutes/16 miles from the entrance gate. You will begin to encounter Sequoia trees on the sides of the road. Keep going along the same road until you arrive at the Giant Forest Museum which is a great place to park and get a closer look.

Q: Where is the General Sherman?
A: The General Sherman is in Sequoia National Park. You’ll receive a map at the entrance station in Ash Mountain indicating where the tree is located. It will take about 45 minutes to reach the General Sherman Tree after entering the park entrance because of the curving roads.

Q: Where can I buy souvenirs?
A: All visitor centers and the Giant Forest Museum offer souvenirs.  The proceeds from these sales are put back into the parks nonprofit Sequoia Parks Conservancy for continued conservation Sequoia Trees.  Souvenirs can also be purchased at Lodgepole and Wuksachi Lodge. The proceeds for these sales go directly to the concessionaire. Some businesses in Three Rivers also sell souvenirs including the Totem, Village Market and the Pharmacy.

Q: Where can I go snow sledding?
A: Seasonally, Wolverton, in Sequoia National Park, has a snow-sledding park.

Q: What if I see a bear?
A: Do NOT approach a bear. Do NOT feed the bears. Read Park website for more information about bears.

Q: What should we watch out for in the Parks?
A: Safety tips:

Q: Where can we swim in Three Rivers?
A: Seasonally, the public is free to swim at the following locations: Slick Rock and Cobble Hill. The spring mountain run-off can be extremely dangerous. Swim at your own risk.

Q: Where can we swim in SNP?
A: Seasonally, swimming is allowed in Sequoia National Park behind the Foothill Visitor Center in Ash Mountain, just after the entrance station, as well as Potwisha parking area and Hospital Rock. Visitors staying at Buckeye Flat campground can swim there but no non-camper parking is available. River info:

Q: Is there a shuttle service to SNP?
A: Private tours are available:
Also, Shuttle service from Visalia to SNP:

Q: Is there a shuttle service inside SNP?
A: For shuttle service within the Park:

Q: Is cell phone service/wi-fi available in the Park?
A: You are encouraged to enjoy the day without your phone, however, WI-FI is only available at the visitor centers for necessities.

Q: Is cell service available in Three Rivers?
A: Service is only provided by ATT. Find free WI-FI at the Three Rivers Historic Society and Museum.

Q: Where can we hike in Three Rivers?
A: All Trails provides excellent information about hikes in and around Three Rivers.
Best Trails

Q: Public restrooms in Three Rivers?
A: Yes, at the Historical Museum 42268 Sierra Dr. and at Slick Rock recreation area 39883 Sierra Dr.

Q: What places and hikes are pet friendly?
A: Sequoia National Park allows dogs but only in campgrounds and picnic areas on leash. Dogs are not allowed on trails in order to support native wildlife. Dogs are allowed on the Salt Creek Trails on BLM land in Three Rivers. Check with the local restaurants about having your 4-legged friend especially since all restaurants currently have outdoor seating.

NOTE: It’s not uncommon for bear, deer, turkey and other wildlife to dart in front of moving vehicles which causes great harm to animals and humans. Please be careful.